Carefully Created for the "STAND-SPEAK-SHINE" Empowerment of Women  

Cherie's work as an Author, Mom of 6, Holistic Psychologist, International Speaker, Podcast Host, Emotional Release Specialist, and Leadership

Development Trainer has guided thousands of women worldwide to find healing and transformation.  


Words are powerful vehicles of healing. 


Their vibrational carriage has the ability to literally reset and reprogram the subconscious.


When you speak out, or DECLARE, and pair it with SMELL, you tap into levels of the mind, heart and gut brains that are otherwise not accessed.


The sentences on these cards - phrased as questions via "af-form-ations," and phrased as statements via "af-firm-ations"- are meticulously phrased to trigger varying cleansing, healing and soul empowerment state-changes. 


The perfect companion essential oil (for the accompanying emotional state change) is indicated for each of the 27 cards.


    ‚ÄčThis beautiful,


    high quality set of 27 two-sided

    affirmation + "afformation"

    essential oil cards are sized to fit the dimensions of your hand and are packaged in a lovely satin organza drawstring bag.  


    Only $13.99